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Sasha Mosky

Sasha Mosky – Blog 6: Reflections & Strategies: Thinking about my time in India

  Over the holidays, I was asked countless times about how my “trip” to India was. I found this question hard to answer as my short, polite response did not feel adequate to encapsulate the complexities of my internship experience…. Continue Reading →

Sasha Mosky – Blog 5: Reflections on Celebration

Starting mid-August, I would regularly hear my Indian friends discuss upcoming Hindu festivals. This is because the last few months of my stay in India were known as “festival season”. Hinduism is an incredibly diverse religion so I was always… Continue Reading →

Sasha Mosky – Blog 4: Self Care and the Politics of Yoga

One way I have taken care of my mental health in India is by avoiding placing expectations or judgement on unfamiliar practices or new experiences. In this, I have been open-minded to try new things, while also avoiding disappointment if… Continue Reading →

Sasha Mosky – Blog 2: A bag for you bag? Reflections on waste and resource in Delhi.

Becoming familiar with a new place involves learning about new cultures, trying new food, and becoming familiar with a new locality. For me, getting to know a new place also involves an understanding of how actions indirectly or directly intersect… Continue Reading →

Sasha Mosky – Blog 3: A Taxing Situation: A look at on the ground responses to India’s most significant tax reform

On July 1st, 2017 India consolidated various state and central government taxes into a singular, nation-wide tax. Goods and Service Tax (GST) was introduced across India with the aim of improving economic conditions across the country. It is the biggest… Continue Reading →

Sasha Mosky – Blog 1: Introductions

My name is Sasha and I am a fourth year student at the University of Victoria. I am recording this podcast with Luc Nadeau, a fellow intern in preperation from my internship with PRIA in India. 

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