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Matthew Schmidt – Blog 2: A Rural Symphony

Finding peace in a chaotic symphony is something of a paradox. Prior to my arrival, I rarely found peace in what I did. My mind was always preoccupied with the worries of tomorrow. It could be the deadline for a… Continue Reading →

Marcus Hougaard — Blog 2: The Land Below the Wind

Goodbye June! Far too quickly it went by but man was it fun. Arriving here in KK on June 3rd, I was pretty exhausted. I had just been in Japan for a month with my girlfriend’s family then hopped over… Continue Reading →

Lauren Lum-Webb – Blog 2: The beginning of life in Sabah

It is a little unbelievable that I am actually here. It is also unbelievable that it has been three weeks since I first arrived. In a way it feels like the longest three weeks of my life, but at the… Continue Reading →

Emma Jotie – Blog 2: First month in Matsuyama

It’s hard to believe that a month has already passed since I arrived in Matsuyama, marking the first third of my internship. The day I flew in, I felt a mix of excitement and overwhelmingness about this new adventure. Yet,… Continue Reading →

Maya Wilson – Blog 2: Wherever you go, there you are

My first month in Bangkok is rapidly coming to a close. I’m not sure how to feel. It seems impossible that I only have five of these one month periods left, yet five more months also seems like an unimaginably… Continue Reading →

Arianna King – Blog 2: Stretching Out in KL

It has been a little under a month in Kuala Lumpur, and the days have remained full. I have had the privilege of coming here with Faaiza, a returning intern, and as such has skipped the possible anxieties of travelling… Continue Reading →

Ana Mara – Blog 2: A Love Letter to the Beginning

The end of May has rushed me–I didn’t notice the wind catching the sails until we were flying–and I suppose that’s the way it always goes. Soon it will be a full month since I landed in Jakarta. Six of… Continue Reading →

Carly Egan – Blog 2: Adjusting to life in Bangkok

Wow, I can’t believe I’ve already been living in Bangkok for a month. When I think back to my final few days in Victoria, it feels so far away. I’ve truly settled into life here in the city. Before I… Continue Reading →

Kailey McCormack – Blog 2: Settling In

In late January, I stumbled across a UVic Instagram reel documenting Faaiza’s experience as an intern at MSRI. I knew then I had to apply to the program and I am so grateful I did. Little did I know 4… Continue Reading →

Alejandro Agustines – Blog 2: Familiarity and Surprises

I was looking forward to the heat. I grew up in the Philippines, and heat reminds me of where my roots will always be. I am also a native trees nerd, so was excited at the prospect of being around… Continue Reading →

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