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Emma Jotie – Blog 1: Introducing Myself

Hi! This is me being interviewed by Kailey about my upcoming placement in Japan!

Ana Mara – Blog 1: Heading to CIPS!

Hi everyone! Here’s fellow intern Anna interviewing me on my upcoming CAPI placement at CIPS (Centre for Indonesian Policy Studies) in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Matthew Schmidt – Blog 1: Heading to Northern Thailand!

Welcome to my blog! My name is Matthew Schmidt, and I am a third-year business student studying at the University of Victoria. Here I am being interviewed by my fellow CAPI intern, Ana Beatriz, about my placement at the Karenni… Continue Reading →

Arianna King – Blog 1: Introduction

Welcome to my blog for the next 6 months! Here is a recorded interview of me by Matthew Schmidt. He will be heading to KSDC in Northern Thailand, and I am headed to the Malaysian Social Research Institute, KL!

Lauren Lum-Webb – Blog 1: Introductory Interview

Hi! I’m Lauren and I am in my fifth year of Political Science and Global Development. I will be going to Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia to work with PACOS Trust for 6 months from June to December 2024. Here you can… Continue Reading →

Karunia Fila – Blog 1: Discussing the Return with Intern Faaiza

Hello my name is Karunia. I am returning to the Karenni Social Development Center in Northern Thailand. I will be working with young Karenni adults and teaching them English and living in community. This recording is of me and fellow… Continue Reading →

Faaiza Vakil – Blog 1: Introductory Interview with Karunia

Meet CAPI inter Faaiza Vakil interviewed by Karunia Fila! Both second time CAPI inters beyond excited to continue their journey with the Malaysia Social Research Institute (MSRI) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Faaiza) and the Karenni Social Development Centre (Karunia).

Maya Wilson – Blog 1: Introduction Interview

Hi! I’m Maya and I’m leaving on Wednesday for Bangkok to work with the Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women. I’m being interviewed by the lovely Julia Hockey who will be doing her internship in Ehime Japan starting in September…. Continue Reading →

Marcus Hougaard – Blog 1 : Introductory Interview with Alejandro

CAPI intern Alejandro Agustines and I discuss our upcoming internships in Southeast Asia. Alejandro will be working at the Center for Indonesian Policy Studies CIPS in Jakarta, Indonesia and I will be working with the Penampang DAP service center in… Continue Reading →

Olivia Delisle – Blog 5: Dear Future Intern

Hey future intern! Long time no blog post (my bad). Let’s dive in! I have been back in Canada for almost a month, and what a month it’s been. During the last two weeks of my internship in Sabah, my… Continue Reading →

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