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Author Su Yen Chong

Hello! I am Su Yen, a Master student in the Department of Art History and Visual at the University of Victoria. My research interest lies within the arts and culture of the Straits Settlement’s Chinese, more specifically the aspect of cosmopolitanism in the imagined community of the Strait Settlements’ Peranakan through the exploration of wonderfully beautiful batik textiles worn by the Peranakan women fondly known as nyonyas. During my time as an international student, I hope to experience the very essence of cosmopolitanism in Victoria, Canada and with any luck, my blog will be a personal reflection of my engagement between the local and the global.

Su Yen Chong – Blog 2: Research Trip to LACMA, California

On February 2018, I had the opportunity to conduct a research trip to the archives of Los Angeles County Museum of Art, California for the purpose of viewing 10 pieces of batik sarongs from the North Coast of Java. This… Continue Reading →

Su Yen Chong – Blog Post 1: Living in Victoria

If there is one word I hear people associate Victoria with is its beauty. Last September, I started my 2nd academic year in Victoria. I found that once I could move past the state of Victoria’s public transport turmoil, I… Continue Reading →

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