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Author Rowan Froese

Hi, my name is Rowan. As of June 1st I will have completed the coursework for my Bachelor's Degree in Political Science. The very next day, June 2nd, I will be heading off to Northwest Thailand to teach English with the Karenni people. I am absolutely stoked for this upcoming experience! Please follow along to track my adventure.

Rowan Froese – Blog 3: Dear Future KSDC Intern

Dear Future Intern, Congratulations! If you’re reading this, and you have been selected to teach in the Thai-Myanmar borderlands, you are in for it. Working as a teacher at KSDC school will require the best version of yourself; this position… Continue Reading →

Rowan Froese – Blog 2: The Place

Water covers much of the Indochinese peninsula. It flows to the valley floors, where, in close proximity to the agriculture activities, most of the human settlements are found  Rice paddies cover large swaths of the cultivated landscape; the staple grain grows… Continue Reading →

Rowan Huff Froese – Blog 1: Introduction

My pre-departure thoughts.

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