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Author Jennifer Janssen

Hola! I’m Jennifer Janssen. I'm in my third year at Uvic majoring in Psychology and minoring in Global Development Studies. I will be going to Bangkok, Thailand very soon to work with GAATW, the Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women. I'm very excited, and, to be honest, a little scared (but thats part of the fun!) I'm ready to immerse myself in this unknown journey ahead! I'm thrilled to share my experiences (and many photos!) with you humans. Fun fact: when I was born, I was the 5,977,090,164 person alive on Earth! How crazy is that!

Jennifer Janssen – Blog 2: first films in Bangkok

I feel like photography with film has become very trendy now and I had always wanted to try it as it has a very aesthetic and dreamy look to it that I’m very fond of, so when my intern partner… Continue Reading →

Jennifer Janssen – Blog 1: Introduction

Meet 2022 CAPI intern Jennifer Janssen, interviewed by fellow intern Elly Thompson

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