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Author Jake Croker

Halo, Selamat datang! My name is Jake, and I am studying an economics and mathematics at the University of Victoria. For this CAPI internship, I will be working at the Center for Indonesian Policy Studies in Jakarta, Indonesia. I am honoured to represent CAPI and the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship fund for 2023. I look forward to sharing my journey with you!

Jake Croker – Blog 2: “Bulan pertama” (first month)

After one month in Jakarta, I look back on the first day I arrived here, and what it meant to me.

Jake Croker – Blog 1: Introduction to Kelly & Jake

CAPI intern Kelly Van der Heide and I discuss our upcoming internships in South East Asia. Kelly will working at Global Alliance Against Trafficking Women (GAATW) in Bangkok, Thailand, and I will be working for the Center for Indonesian Policy… Continue Reading →

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