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Hi there! I will be in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa for three months with my good friend Ainslee. We are working with Ukulapha which is a community outreach program that is partnered with the township Elementary school in Pietermaritzburg. My family is South African and so I have always felt a strong tie to the Country, and a great respect and appreciation for the culture. I have just completed my final year in Child and Youth Care at UVIC which has taught me a lot about the importance of having a strength-based practice that is rooted in cultural sensitivity and empathy. I am excited about applying what I have learned from my degree, but am also well aware that I am much more of a learner than a teacher in my role as an intern!

Emily Clare – Blog 4: “Think of Me when the sun goes down and I will think of You”

For the past week I’ve been staying in a rented house near South Africa’s Kruger National Park with my family. Our brick house has a thatched roof and is surrounded by African bush, home to many wild animals, and dense… Continue Reading →

Emily Clare – Blog 5: Dear future Intern…

Dear Future Intern… When you tell people about your upcoming adventure, you’ll get a lot of the same responses, like “Wow, that is going to be an amazing experience” or “You are going to be a changed person when you… Continue Reading →

Emily Clare – Blog 3: Worlds Apart

On my first day here, I asked one of the children where I could fill up my pink stainless steel water bottle, expecting to be led to water-fountain. The little boy walked me to the back of the building that… Continue Reading →

Emily Clare – Blog 2: Generosity and Resiliency: Lessons from the Township Children

“How is Africa? How is work going?” When people ask me these questions I find it impossible to know how to answer because I can’t choose just one story. Any story I share can’t possibly represent my experiences here because… Continue Reading →

Emily Clare – Blog 1: Pre-Departure Introduction

Introducing myself, talking about the work I will be doing in South Africa, and what I am most excited about!

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