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Hello! My name is Charlotte Clar and I have just finished the coursework of my Bachelor's Degree at UVic. I did a major in History and Minor in Professional Communications. I will be living in Bangkok, Thailand for 6 months working at GAATW, the Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women. I'm excited to be writing this blog and sharing my experiences from my first time in South East Asia!

Charlotte Clar – Blog 5: Dear Future Intern

“Six months will fly by!” everyone seemed to be telling me when I disclosed how long I would be moving to Bangkok, Thailand for.  Yeah, yeah, sure it will, I thought. I’ve got six whole months. I can take Thai… Continue Reading →

Charlotte Clar – Blog 4: Home is where you say it is

Where are you from? Is a question we like to ask others to learn more about them or, if they look different than us, to learn why they are really here.  For some, like myself, this question is easy to… Continue Reading →

Charlotte Clar – Blog 3: A Little Bit of Here and There

After almost 4 months of living in Bangkok I am feeling a sense of permanence in my temporary state. The month of September in particular has been slightly quieter compared to the previous three in terms of big projects, discovering… Continue Reading →

Charlotte Clar – Blog 2: All in a Day’s Work

Greetings from Bangkok! This month I had the real honour of being involved with the Women Workers Forum. This was a new idea developed by GAATW back in August 2021. The secretariat wanted to bring groups of women workers together… Continue Reading →

Charlotte Clar – Blog 1: Introduction

Meet 2022 CAPI intern Charlotte Char, interviewed by fellow intern Haley Ham

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