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Valérie Paradiso – Podcast 6: Reflection on my CAPI experience

As my internship has come to an end, I reflect on my CAPI experience in this podcast.

Valérie Paradiso – Podcast 5: Languages and Dialects in the Philippines

In this podcast, I talk about the fascinating and rich linguistic context of the Philippines. To demonstrate the stark variations between some of the languages and dialects, you will hear excerpts of my Filipino co-workers  speaking in their mother tongue. Thank you for listening! 

Valérie Paradiso – Blog 4: My Daily Ride – The Jeepney

This blog post is about my daily ride to work – the Jeepney. The Jeepney is an iconic mode of transportation in the Philippines with a rich history. In this short post, I discuss why I am a fan of the Jeepney, its history, Jeepney art and some of its downfalls. Finally, I share some tips on how to ride a Jeepney in case one of you curious souls decides to jump on one when you visit the Philippines. 

Valérie Paradiso – Blog 3: Interview with Myleen on Ifugaos and indigenous groups in the Philippines

In this podcast, I interview my colleague Myleen who is Ifugao. The Ifugaos are an indigenous group from Northern Luzon. In this short interview, Myleen talks about Ifugaos’ traditions and beliefs, the preservation of Indigenous knowledge and culture in her community and some of the current issues faced by indigenous people in the Philippines. 



Valerie Paradiso – Blog 2: Why you should consider doing an internship in the Philippines

If you are thinking about doing a CAPI internship and you are unsure where you should be based, this podcast is for you! I have now been interning in the Philippines for 2 months and decided to share five reasons why I think you should consider doing an internship in the Philippines. Keep in mind that the reasons I discuss are very subjective, being based on my past and present experiences. Nevertheless, I am hoping this may be useful for the people at home who are roaming the blogs and podcasts trying to figure out which internship would be best suited for them. Hopefully, this podcast will give you some useful insights on the upsides of interning in the Philippines. 

Valerie Paradiso – Podcast 1: Interview with fellow CAPI intern Brian Hutchinson

Interview with fellow CAPI intern Brian Hutchinson before his placement to the Centre for Migrant Advocacy in the Philippines. 

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