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Author Taiwo Afolabi

Taiwo Afolabi – Blog 3: Performing the not-yet : creating meaningful dialogue in refugee advocacy through applied theatre

In this short writeup, I reflect on a workshop I designed and facilitated during one of the Centre for Global Studies’ Global Talks sessions at the University of Victoria. The interactive workshop centered on using applying theatre as a viable tool to perform the ‘not-yet’. I invited participants to brainstorm on issues that relate to refugees/internally displaced persons for collective action characterized by ‘educated hope’.

Taiwo Afolabi Blog II: My Poetic Inquiry

This is a reflective piece through poetry from my community of practice, research and personal thought process. Written in three short separate poems, I reflect on different social issues that have globla-local implications and it is inspired by stories from applied theatre projects that I have undertaken among senoirs, refugee youths, undocumented migrants, immigrant workers and displaced persons here in Victoria, Canada and elsewhere.

Taiwo Afolabi – Blog 1: Introductory Podcast

In this self-introductory podcast, Taiwo Afolabi, a QES scholar at the Centre for Asia-Pacific Initiatives (CAPI), University of Victoria, speaks on his research that he will be undertaking for the upcoming year.

Taiwo Afolabi – Blog 4: Notes from Socially-Engaged Art Projects

Socially-engaged art focuses on the society with the aim to maximing the power of arts for social change. In this reflection, I connect certain features inherent in community-based theatre initiatives with the purpose of situating these features in my community engagement projects.

‘Is Vulnerability an element of the art?’ An Artist’s Reflection

This article is an artist’s reflection on community engagement through the tool of drama, and theatre.

Taiwo Afolabi – Blog 3: ‘Is Vulnerability an element of the art?’ An artist’s Inquiry

Please see attached a reflection on two elements essential to theatre and arts practice in community engagement.

Taiwo Afolabi – Podcast 1: Self Introduction

Introductory podcast with fellow QES Scholar – Benjamin Lawrence. We discuss how my activities will hopefully contribute to the Queen Elizabeth II Scholarship program.

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