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Tabitha Black-Lock- Blog 4: Climate Change, Adaptation and Gender in Bangladesh

Climate Change is one of the largest challenges facing the world today. It is a global problem that affects all life on the planet. However, it is commonly understood that some groups or regions are more vulnerable to climate change. In general, people in the global south, indigenous communities, those reliant on natural resources for livelihoods, and people living in poverty are most severely and immediately affected by the impacts of changing temperatures. Living in Bangladesh, a country greatly affected by climate change, and working at an organization that researches climate change adaptation and migration, has provided me with a unique opportunity to expand my knowledge of these issues. Therefore, I have chosen to write my fourth blog on climate change, adaptation and gender in Bangladesh.

Tabitha Black-Lock – Blog 3: Dilemmas of Housing in a Megacity: Urban Expansion in Dhaka

Urbanization is a complex process, and there are many factors that push people to migrate to larger cities. Due in part to the increased rural to urban migration, among other factors of population growth, Dhaka has emerged as one of the fasted growing cities in the world. Of course, this continuous expansion has massive economic, environmental, political, social and cultural impacts on Bangladesh and its inhabitants. In Dhaka, one of the major concerns is housing. How will Dhaka sustain and accommodate the growing population? Where will people live? Who will be most affected by this influx in population? How will this affect the quality of life for the poorest members of society? How will modernization of housing affect the existence of historical and cultural buildings?  In this blog, I will touch on some of these issues in relation to gentrification, urban peripheries, heritage buildings, and the economy and culture of Bangladesh. 

Tabitha Black-Lock – Blog 2: The Skins of Bangladesh: Leather Industry in Dhaka

The leather industry is one of the oldest industries in Bangladesh, and is known worldwide for producing high quality leather. The processing of leather and manufacturing of leather products helps feed the growing international thirst for low priced, high quality leather goods. After hearing about the local leather industry, I was curious to learn more about the large production of animal hide in this context. Thanks to a local friend, I was able to visit the leather tannery district and a leather footwear factory. In this blog, I address the environmental and health issues associated with the leather tanneries and plans for a potential industry relocation. I will also talk about the leather industry in general and the manufacturing of leather goods. 


Tabitha Black-Lock – Blog 1: Ramadan in Bangladesh

Shortly after arriving in Dhaka, Bangladesh, the Muslim month of Holy Ramadan began. For this first month, a great deal of my experiences have been shaped by Ramadan, and therefore I have chosen to write about what I have learned about Ramadan as a way to share a glimpse of the importance it has in the country.  I will give a very brief introduction to fasting, Ramadan and its religious significance, as well as the influence it has in Bangladesh in regards to migration, meals (iftar) and day to day schedules. I will also share my personal experience of Ramadan, as well as a brief discussion of Eif ul-Fitre. 

Tabitha Black-Lock – Podcast 1: Interview with Bridget Woods

For my first podcast, I was interviewed by my fellow CAPI intern Bridget Woods, to discuss my placement at the Refugee and Migratory Movements Research Unit in Dhaka, Bangladesh. 

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