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Brian Hutchinson – Podcast 6: First hand cases while visiting “The Hope Workers Center”

I recently travelled to the NGO : “The Hope Workers Center” to learn about realities of some migrants in Taiwan. Their mission

We educate migrants on their rights, lobby the government for fair employment conditions and assist migrants and immigrants in distress.”

Truly inspiring to see work being done to help those in need with courage, resilence, and optimism.

Side note: If you listen intently, the background audio was recorded from my trip to work riding a Jeepney.

Brian Hutchinson – Podcast 5: Convention 29 and SDG conference

This podcast is a combination of a brief overview on a paper I am writing on the new protocol on the ILO convention 29, as well, a conference held by my host organization on the future of SDGs in the Philippines in relation to future implementation.

Brian Hutchinson – Blog 4 : Basketball in The Philippines

A short podcast about basketball in the Philippines.


Brian Hutchinson – Blog 3: Mindanao Indigenous People

Hello out there,

This podcast is about a program hosted by the Mindanao Indigenous People to discuss mass mining projects taking place on their land. At the end of the podcast, there is a song performed in Quezon Memorial circle,” Let us Struggle Together”.

A night of Solidarity, an expression of mind, body and soul to be heard. 

Brian Hutchinson – Blog 2: Environmental Sustainability & Buklod Tao

The meaning of the name “Buklod Tao”  is “one people, or people bonded together.” 

Here is a link to Buklod Tao’s Website!about/ccjb

Waves in background were recorded off a small Island here in the Philippines. Hope you Enjoy. 

Brian Hutchinson – Blog 1: Interview with the One and Only Valérie Paradiso

In this podcast, I interview Valérie Paradiso where we talk about her background, interests and upcoming placement with Migrant Forum in Asia in the Philippines.

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