Stories from the field

Day 2023-08-17

Sabrina Jereza – Blog Post 3: Welcome to the Kampung!

One of the most interesting parts of the internship experience has been visiting kampungs (villages) in rural parts of Malaysia to meet various Indigenous groups. I had the privilege of visiting a handful of kampungs in Peninsular Malaysia including Kampung… Continue Reading →

Brigitte Larkin – Blog 3: Pondering identity

A few weeks ago, Faaiza and I went to the Islamic Arts Museum. Wandering into the architecture exhibit, I found myself looking at the 3D model of Masjid al-Haram, the mosque in Mecca. Looking at it and reading about its… Continue Reading →

Sierra Grant – Blog 3: Moments in Indonesia

Jakarta is really starting to feel like home. The workers at my most frequented restaurants know my usual order, I can get around my neighbourhood without Google Maps, I have a group of friends that hold game nights, and overall,… Continue Reading →

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