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month July 2023

Isabel Simons – Capstone Project: Karenni-English Sound Bytes

In my time at KSDC, students and I related by sharing language. I taught English, and the advanced course students taught me Karenni words: greetings, foods we ate, the natural features of the place around us. Even though it was… Continue Reading →

Olivia Delisle – Blog 2: As it Passes

A whole month? Already? Huh?And it continues to pass. I landed in Kota Kinabalu after backpacking in Europe for a month. I missed my flight from Singapore on June 17th (thanks AirFrance) and stayed in the airport’s hotel (don’t tell… Continue Reading →

Pascale Claughton – Blog 2: Kaamatan Festivals and Cockroach Chronicles

I just finished the first month of my internship in Borneo. Life here is different. I wake up at 6:00am every morning to run because it gets too hot after that to work out at all. I haven’t found a… Continue Reading →

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