Meet 2022 CAPI intern Caleb Catto, interviewed by fellow intern Keiran Ellis

🎵 I’m good at wasting time
I think lyrics need to rhyme
And you’re not asking
But I’m tryna grow a mustache 🎵 I really like it
When the moon looks like a toenail
And I love it when you say my name 🎵 If you wanna know, here it goes, gonna tell you this
A part of me that shows
If we’re close gonna let you see
But remember that you asked for it 🎵 I’m tryna do my best to impress
But it’s easier to let you
Take a guess at the rest
But you wanna hear the things in my brain my heart
Well you asked for it 🎵 For your perusing
At times confusing
Slightly amusing
Introducing me 🎵 Do-do do-do-do-do-do
Do-do do-do-do-do-do
La-da-da-da la-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da 🎵

Introducing Me: by Jamie Houston & Trine Dansgaard

Okay, but enough singing Camp Rock songs. I’m super excited to get to have this experience. Moving to Malaysia for six months and living in such a large metropolitan city of Kuala Lumpur. Never having lived in a larger city than Victoria. Excited for the diversity of life in the country, Malaysia being one of seventeen megadiverse countries, home to many endemic species. Excited for the endless summer. Excited for the opportunity to live in a dense transit friendly city. All and all I’m excited and can’t wait to fly across the Pacific later this summer.