While writing this letter to a potential intern, it is difficult to reflect and put into words the relationships, experiences and shifts in identity that I have undergone. The support from the CAPI team as well as the learning and growth that comes through their internships are invaluable. What I can say, is that the greatest part of this internship is for you to decide and uniquely individual. From the pre-departure training and beginning the work term to finishing, there is a strong focus on continuous learning, a strife and curiosity for understanding and a sharing of knowledge and perspective. The core of these opportunities is presented through resilience and education. You as an intern will build international connections and discover the beauty and challenges of living in a different context which will in turn foster a development in your character and capacity. I cannot tell you what to expect from the internship, how you will change or what you will get with your placement. Only that participating in this opportunity will be formative to your identity in ways you will not expect and that letting go of expectation is perhaps the greatest way to truly take advantage of this opportunity to get to know yourself and an exponential/significant period of growth.

A short composition of a few things that I have recognised and explored throughout…

1. Learning to Share: (growing up sharing was something that was taught and introduced to me, though in Indonesia it felt a bit more instinctual than that), Natural

2. Understanding does not come easily and sometimes not at all. This is why acceptance is a close companion.

3. Revisiting Lao Tzu’s quote: “When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.”

4. To not underestimate the care, thought and support of others.

5. Developing a definition for unconditional. This corresponds with the above, learning about and how to grow alongside others has brought in the presence of limitless love and support. A theory might be that it is not something that can be or is often expressed by words, but shown or felt. Those who I have spent time with throughout my internship have found a place in my heart. I will keep this connection and remember this time without conditions, but gratitude.

6. People are not counting on you, they are counting with you. Every action and moment is one to note for they all contribute to you. Friends, family and community will be counting successes and challenges while being there to support you.

7. Etc. This list is not and will never be done. It seems this is the age of bountiful options and pursuing this internship is one path to take with invaluable lessons, growth and connection. From the Capi family to those you will meet during your time abroad, relationships which I have been deeply grateful for.

Lastly, as said when starting this blog, I am elated to thank and acknowledge the Centre for Asia-Pacific Initiatives: and well as Queen Elizabeth Scholars: and Center for Indonesian Policy Studies for a truly holistic form of learning and support. The latter is defined as that which “sustains, holds up or serves as a foundation for something.” Illuminating the similarities between passion and community. The things that motivate you to study, learn and be curious about the world fuel your actions and the community or your connections will inspire and protect you to grow with each step.

Thanks for your interest in my rather exuberant and heartfelt entries, and I love a great conversation – so welcome any questions or if you want more information about the internship please contact me. I hope you are empowered by your choices and remain curious in your endeavours – enjoy a life of learning and learning about life!