Hey everyone! Thanks for checking in again!

As Canada cools and pumpkin patch pictures start to appear on social media, down here in South Africa we are heading into our sunny spring (although at times it definitely feels more like summer… 38° dry heat is no joke!) The months are flying by, and we are at the beginning of the end in our placement down here – the perfect time to reflect back on all the amazing experiences we’ve had here so far. In our placement, we are given the same holiday time as the school, which meant Ariana and I had 12 days off at the beginning of July; wanting to make the most of our time here and see as many incredible sights as possible, we chose to roadtrip down to Cape Town from our home base here in Pietermaritzburg. As anyone who has ever taken a roadtrip will tell you, there are always ups and downs, but looking back I can’t imagine a better way to see this complex, diverse country and all the amazing adventures it has to offer.

Naturally, we brought CAPI Cribs along for the ride, so without further ado, please enjoy this next instalment of our C.C. series… please see the link below, which will take you to Youtube to view!

Keep an eye out for the next 2 episodes… episode 3 will be the highlights from our trip to Kruger National Park, and our final episode will showcase our lives here in PMB and all the amazing kiddos we work with at Slang!

Thanks everyone, we hope you enjoy 🙂