Miraculously, the time has already arrived for me to depart to Dunedin, New Zealand. I will spend the next four months at the Zoology Department of the University of Otago, New Zealand’s oldest university. During this time, I will be analyzing a dataset on bear-salmon trophic interactions that I have collected over the past many years as part of my PhD at UVic. To do so, I will be collaborating with members of the Ingram Lab under the guidance of Dr. Travis Ingram. Though a good chunk of my time abroad will most certainly involve countless hours banging my head against a computer screen, I also hope to join in to help my lab mates with their field work (the most glamorous aspect of being a field biologist!)

I will use this space to share my experiences, both academic and personal as I learn and explore the South Island of New Zealand. Stay posted to this space for a glimpse into current conservation biology in New Zealand and for some introductions to the globally unique flora and fauna of the region.