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Day 2016-12-04

Kenda Chang-Swanson – Blog 7: Conversations about the intern experience!

Hello! Wow, time has flown by and it seems like just yesterday myself and fellow CAPI intern with PRIA, Sidney, were arriving in Delhi to begin our internships in India. Feel free to listen to this podcast to hear Sidney ask me about my experiences, some challenges, and lessons I’ve learned working in India. It’s been a huge learning experience and am feeling grateful for all the fantastic people, experiences, and learnings from this time working with PRIA. 

Sidney Moss – Blog 7: Overall Reflections of India and PRIA

As my last blog post I decided to do a reflective podcast to help with processing everything that has transpired over the past few months in India. Kenda – the other CAPI intern in India – was kind enough to make an appearance as my interviewer. 

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