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Day 2016-11-04

Danae Zachari – Blog 5: Forced Migration

In this blog post I briefly discuss the work of Foucault and Agamben, two of my favourite theorists, on biopolitics. They explore the relation between human life and political power, and discuss how a sovereign’s power enables the killing of those perceived to be a threat to the overall population. This power often leads to discrimination and to the justification of brutal acts. Then, I briefly discuss one of my roles at MSRI and some of my views on qualitative and quantitative studies. Lastly, I end this post by sharing a few findings on topics I have had personal discussions on, such as the relation between migration and the spread of communicable diseases.

Kimberly Copeland – Blog 6: Social Enterprise Opportunities for Malaysian NGOs

A recent opportunity at MSRI I have been able to collaborate on is MSRI’s vocational training program-turned social enterprise, CINTA. CINTA targets the female refugee and asylum-seeker population of MSRI and hopes to provide them with the technical skills to make handicrafts such as jewelry, handbags, napkins, aprons, etc. that are sold in fairs, bazaars, and private functions. The money collected from these events becomes a source of revenue for the women (and their families) who participate in the program.

This blog explores the opportunities of social entrepreneurship in Malaysia through my personal experience. 

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