Stories from the field

Day 2016-11-01

Sidney Moss – Blog 6: To Be Notified Is Not To Be Noticed

The difference between ‘notified’ and ‘non-notified’ informal settlements is not always obvious; nonetheless, it is important to understand the significance and meaning of each title. This is a topic that has confused me as much as it has interested me, so bear with me as I attempt to unpack some of the complexities within this topic. 

Emma De Vynck – Blog 7: Student Thoughts on Music

This month I share some SDC students’ thoughts on music. Music is such a key part of life at SDC–I have been looking forward to writing about it. My hope in this post is that the reader gathers a bit of a sense of student perspectives, and perhaps experiences some of the jovial musical atmosphere that permeates this place. 



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