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Day 2016-08-04

Nathan Jost – Blog 1: Introduction Interview

Hello! Here is an interview conducted by my fellow intern Hannah which introduces me and gives some information about my upcoming six months in Nepal with Migrants Centre. Thanks for listening!

Luke Yang – Blog 1: Introductory Interview

This is an interview of Tasneem Bhaidu with Luke Yang, who will be working with Pravasi Nepali Coordination Committee in Kathmandu, Nepal. 

Aracy Selvakumar – Blog 1: Interview with Dave Fox 2016 CAPI IYIP Intern

Hi! This is my first CAPI IYIP blog post. The whole intern group is still in Victoria, B.C with our departure dates fast approaching! This is an introductory interview with fellow intern Dave Fox, who is headed to Philippines and will be working with MFA during his time there. We are all pretty excited to start our 6-month international adventures!

David Fox – Blog 1: Interview with CAPI Intern Aracy Selvakumar

A pre-departure interview with fellow CAPI intern Aracy Selvakumar about her upcoming placement.

Zahura Ahmed – Blog 1: Interview part 2

Katherine and I had a lovely conversation about our placements in Bangladesh and Nepal. We talk about ourselves, interests, passions, our organizations, the type of work we’ll be contributing to, and how we’re feeling. Here’s part two of the conversation!

Check out Part 1 here:


***Hey Cate- please link Katherine’s blog above 🙂

Bethlehem Daniel – Blog 1: Introductions to my thoughts on the Philippines & CMA

This is an introductory interview on my thoughts on living in Quezon City, working for the Centre for Migrant Advocacy and my decision to intern abroad.

Kieran Stevens – Blog 1: Danielle Interviews Me!

This is an interview that Danielle conducted with me about my motivations and hopes for my internship in Bangladesh as part of the 2016 CAPI Internship Program.

Hannah Shin – Blog 1: Introductory Interview

Hello viewers,

Today, I had the chance to meet other interns and I was privileged to be interviewed by Nate from Ottawa who is heading off to Nepal for his internship. 

Safe travels to everyone.


Tasneem Bhaidu – Blog 1: Introducing Myself Pre-Departure

This podcast is an interview of me done by my fellow intern, Luke Yang. I introduce myself with a short background, talk about my host organization/city, discuss what I am looking forward to in Dhaka and what I hope to gain from the experience. 

Danielle Leblanc-Cyr – Blog 1: Intro Podcast

A quick interview with Kieran to do a brief introduction and give some background information about my participation in the 2016 CAPI Internship Program!

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