Hi there, I have now been working in the PRIA Visakhapatnam field office for almost a month now. Being in the field has brought a lot of new experiences and people my way. One of the biggest learning experiences so far for me has been through the field visits that I get to be a part of. I am very grateful to be able to visit Anandapuram Mandal and spend some time with its community members as part of our data collection. I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to enter these communities and be able to hear people’s stories and be a part of community development processes through the work we are doing. In order to share what field experiences involve in Anandapuram Mandal as a part of PRIA’s work I’ve created a photo story to share (please see below).These pictures and words are limited in the way that they are through my lens and my positioning and therefore only show my perspective–only a very limited part of the wider story of the Mandal and community development. Yet, I hope by sharing my perspective I can share a bit of the privilege I have been given of entering the spaces I am and being part of the project in Anandapuram Mandal. Thanks for reading! Cheers, Kenda

Link to the photo story: http://arcg.is/2aTjeCn