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Day 2016-04-17

Nadya Jamal – Blog 6: Interview with journalist Rojita Adhikari specializing in women’s labour migration issues in Nepal

For my last podcast, I sat down with Rojita Adhikari in Basantapur, or Kathmandu Durbar Square, a historic and popular pubic sqaure. Rojita is a Nepali journalist investigating labour trafficking and the conditions of work of women migrant workers, particular those leaving Nepal to perform domestic work in the Gulf countries. A first time interviewer, if I missed any important questions or if you have any additional ones for Rojita, please leave comments!

Jesse Baltutis – Blog 2: Droughts and food production in South Africa

Jesse Baltutis

April 17th, 2016

Pretoria, South Africa

Council for Scientific and Industrial Research

Droughts and food production in South Africa

This is Jesse Baltutis, CAPI intern and PhD candidate at the University of Victoria’s Department of Geography. Im currently in Pretoria, South Africa, while on placement for my Crossing Borders Scholarship and conducting my doctoral research on water governance in international river basins. This podcast – the first from the field – will explore the issue of the ongoing drought and the implications for food and water security for South Africa. 

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