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month April 2016

Claire Horwood – Blog 1: Kenda Chang-Swanson Interview with Claire Horwood

Claire Horwood

April 29, 2016

Victoria, BC

Malaysian Social Research Institute

Kenda Chang-Swanson Interview with Claire Horwood

Kenda interviews Claire about her upcoming Centre for Asia Pacific Initiatives internship at the Malaysian Social Research Institute in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 


Emma De Vynck – Blog 1: A Brief Intro

My fellow CAPI intern Joel Toorenburgh asks me some questions about myself and my placement with the Karenni Social Development Centre. 

Sophia Mayen – Blog 1: Introduction

 In this podcast I sit down with Elena and give a brief introduction and talk a little about myself and my internship placement in Yokohama, Japan. I will be interning for CITYNET and assisting with a disaster management project for Nepal.  

Sidney Moss – Blog 1: Introductory Podcast with Zachary Brabazon

This is an introduction interview conducted on April 29, 2016 with Zachary Brabazon in Victoria, BC. He will be interning with Refugee and Migratory Movements Research Unit (RMMRU) beginning this June. The themes discussed in this inerview are Zachary’s overall interests and passions; his excitement about his placement; and his strategies for relationship maintance while being away.  

Janice Dowson – Blog 1: Introductory Podcast with CAPI

Janice Dowson

April 29, 2016

Victoria, B.C.

In this podcast, Charli, another QEScholar, interviews me about myself, my research, and my upcoming field research trip to South Africa. I discuss my background, my research plans, and my hopes and expectations for my time in South Africa.



Kimberly Copeland – Blog 1: Introduction

This introductory week, Danae and I interviewed eachother about our upcoming internships with WARBE and MSRI.

Charli Mohammed – Blog 1: Introduction Interview

Charli Mohammed

April 29th, 2016

Victoria, BC

Introductory Interview with Charli Mohammed. She discusses with Janice that she will be doing her research in Singapore with Indonesian domestic workers from June to September 2016. She talks about her project and what she hopes to gain from her experience in Singapore.


Kenda Chang-Swanson – Blog 1: Introductory podcast interviewed by Claire Horwood

Here’s an introduction of myself through an interview by fellow intern Claire Horwood on April 29, 2016 in Victoria, BC. I will be interning from June-December with PRIA (Participatory Research in Asia) through the Centre for Asia-Pacific Initiatives. In this podcast Claire asks me a bit about my background, interests, what brought me to this upcoming internship, some things I look forward to and also hope to get out of this opportunity. 

Elena Lopez – Blog 1: Introduction

Sophia interviewed me on April 29th about my background, my upcoming field work in Malaysia, and the organization I will be working with (Building and Wood Workers’ International). We talked about what I’m most looking forward to in my field work and what I hope to get out of this experience.

Zachary Brabazon – Blog 1: Intro Podcast with Sidney Moss

Hey everybody!

Here’s my intro podcast, in which I interview Sidney about her goals, fears, and dreams for the upcoming internship.

Warmest of warm Regards,



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