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Day 2016-01-22

Siobhan Davis – Podcast 2: The People in Kuala Lumpur and their Perceptions of Canada

In this podcast, I ask people I know who live in Kuala Lumpur the same questions I asked the clients of MSRI. As the locals and ‘expats’ of Kuala Lumpur have a very different legal and positional status but are sharing the same space, it is interesting to see how the answers are similar and how they are different when specific questions are asked. I had hoped to also interview a legal migrant worker (that is not as ‘expat’ but working in an employmed that would be deemed as  ‘low skilled’) to get a more diverse range of perspectives, but the language barrier would have been a bit of an issue as most of these migrants whom I know do not speak English very well. I feel as though their input would have been very valuable and interesting.

Feel free to give me some feedback, it will be very much appreciated

Ubuntu, Siobhan

Siobhan Davis – Blog Post 3: Syria in the Spotlight

Siobhan Davis – Blog Post 1: Language as an Obstacle in Refugee Resettlement

Chih Chen – Blog 2: Living in Quezon City: urban development, gender and class

Recounting the first few weeks of CAPI training in Victoria, British Columbia, I am reminded of our intern group’s conversations on privilege, anti-oppression, gender-based work, and how these worlds intersect with migrant rights advocacy. In many ways, speaking of privilege set the tone for how I continue to think about how to represent the place that I—temporarily, and with awe—live in, struggle with, and am trying to describe all the time.

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