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Day 2016-01-09

Perry Watson – Podcast 5: An Interview with PRIA President, Dr. Rajesh Tandon

In my fifth podcast, I sit down and ask Dr. Rajesh Tandon, President of Participatory Research in Asia.

Before diving into the interview, I have included a brief sound bite from my Ganges riverside experience in Varanasi, India during my stay there over the Christmas holidays.  

I ask Dr. Tandon the following questions: 

What was the rationale for you to start Participatory Research in Asia?;

How would you explain what PRIA does to someone in Canada?;

How do you envisage a successful ‘Water and Sanitation’ development project coming together?; 

There seems to be a disconnect between the behavioral elements and infrastructural aspects of improving water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) conditions on the ground, how do you see this?;

As an organization, how do you approach tweaking and changing the participatory methodologies that PRIA employs?;

What advice would you give a university student interested in (international) development work as a potential career? 

Cheers everyone! 


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