Stories from the field

Day 2016-01-04

Brian Hutchinson – Blog 1: Interview with the One and Only Valérie Paradiso

In this podcast, I interview Valérie Paradiso where we talk about her background, interests and upcoming placement with Migrant Forum in Asia in the Philippines.

Roxanne Power – Blog 4: Renewing action to end gender-based violence, and reclamation through recreation

In this blog I explore some of the issues surrounding gender-based violence based on my experience working on PRIA’s KBC program to end violence against women and girls. I also reflect on an important take away from one of the campaign acitivities under the program.

Thanks for reading. Feedback is welcome!


Roxanne Power – Blog 3: Shifting

Hello all – the attached blog post is a reflection on my shift from one project and city to another during my internship with PRIA in India.




Roxanne Power – Blog 2: Partnering people and perceptions

Attached below is an adapted blog piece I wrote for PRIA near the beginning of my internship.

Thanks for reading – all feedback is welcome!


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