Stories from the field

Day 2015-10-26

Perry Watson – Blog 1: Managing Expectations in a Foreign NGO

This blog posting lays out a few ideas in terms of expectations that I have been thinking about for quite sometime here in India. I felt that it was appropriate to share some of these points as a means of moving onto the thought process for the Capstone portion of my internship. I believe that the personal reflection element adds invaluable context to the research and field work with PRIA.

A combination of the two streams of thought will ultimately form a more holistic account of my immersion in India.   



Michelle Maillet – Blog 2: Political and Civil Unrest: A barrier to the implementation of safe migration practices

Come with me as I explore how Nepal’s current political and civil unrest, which has manifested as a petrol crisis, is creating barriers to implementing safe migration practices.

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