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month October 2015

Michelle Maillet – Podcast 1: Pre-Departure Discussion

In this podcast I introduce myself and talk a little bit about my back ground and my upcoming CAPI internship placement with the Asian Human Rights and Culture Development Forum in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Perry Watson – Blog 1: Managing Expectations in a Foreign NGO

This blog posting lays out a few ideas in terms of expectations that I have been thinking about for quite sometime here in India. I felt that it was appropriate to share some of these points as a means of moving onto the thought process for the Capstone portion of my internship. I believe that the personal reflection element adds invaluable context to the research and field work with PRIA.

A combination of the two streams of thought will ultimately form a more holistic account of my immersion in India.   



Michelle Maillet – Blog 2: Political and Civil Unrest: A barrier to the implementation of safe migration practices

Come with me as I explore how Nepal’s current political and civil unrest, which has manifested as a petrol crisis, is creating barriers to implementing safe migration practices.

Ben Lawrence – Podcast 1: Introductory Interview with Taiwo Afolabi

An introductory podcast in which fellow Incoming Commonwealth Scholar, Taiwo Afolabi, asks me about myself, what brought me to Victoria and what I hope to gain from the QES program.

Tabitha Black-Lock- Blog 4: Climate Change, Adaptation and Gender in Bangladesh

Climate Change is one of the largest challenges facing the world today. It is a global problem that affects all life on the planet. However, it is commonly understood that some groups or regions are more vulnerable to climate change. In general, people in the global south, indigenous communities, those reliant on natural resources for livelihoods, and people living in poverty are most severely and immediately affected by the impacts of changing temperatures. Living in Bangladesh, a country greatly affected by climate change, and working at an organization that researches climate change adaptation and migration, has provided me with a unique opportunity to expand my knowledge of these issues. Therefore, I have chosen to write my fourth blog on climate change, adaptation and gender in Bangladesh.

Taiwo Afolabi – Podcast 1: Self Introduction

Introductory podcast with fellow QES Scholar – Benjamin Lawrence. We discuss how my activities will hopefully contribute to the Queen Elizabeth II Scholarship program.

Kip Jorgensen – Blog 2: Power, Mobility, and Access to the City

In this segment of my Capstone project Iexplore environmentally-induced rural-to-urban migration as a process of urbanization, and how populations’ socio-ecological engagement with the city is structured – focusing specifically on the Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh. While migrants are frequently disempowered and exploited in urban centres, movement may also allow for adaptation, resistance, and subversion. 

(Note: Please excuse the incongruence between the content and photos, as a number are placeholders due to a disruption in travel/work plans. The new photos and cover will be updated soon). 

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