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month October 2014

Kip Jorgensen – Blog Post 2: Dhaka Megacity: Process and impacts of rapid growth in Bangladesh’s capital

Dhaka is a city bursting at the seams. Every day the city staggers under its own weight; the paralyzed traffic, poor resistance to environmental stresses, and rolling black-outs are daily occurrences. As a visitor one could easily mistake the extreme size and busyness of the city as part of its inherent character. Yet I was surprised to learn that the rapid urbanization and growth of Dhaka, and the ensuing problems, are a relatively recent phenomenon, emerging and intensifying in the last few decades. In the attached document I explore some of the causes and detrimental impacts of Dhaka’s recent explosion in population. Discussing these issues with those who call the city home was the inspiration for this blog post, so I have tried to convey their stories with the inclusion of interviews on how Dhaka has changed and what they believe will be the future impact on their city.


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