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Aracy Selvakumar – Blog 4: Debrief and Heading home

For my final blog post, I thought I’d share some of my thoughts upon completing my 6 months in Nepal. Attached below is a conversation I had with fellow intern, Bethlehem Daniel during our debrief in Indonesia.


Aracy Selvakumar – Blog 3: Mighty But Fragile: Sustainable Tourism and the Impact of Climate Change on Mountain Environments (GOV)

My work in Nepal has largely been focussed on migration, however, recently I have become involved in projects related to mountain tourism and environmental sustainability in Nepal.

I recently attended and assisted with the International Conference on Mountain Tourism, Climate Change, and Earthquake in Nepal. The event and prior research I conducted, prompted me to think critically about what tourism looks like in Nepal and the issues related to protecting mountain climates- particularly how these two areas intersect.

I didn’t realize how complex the issues were until I started to write about them, so the following post can be considered a brief snapshot into some of the issues related to mountain tourism and conservation in Nepal.


Aracy Selvakumar – Blog 2: Dichotomies Abound – Early Observations From Kathmandu (ES)

My post this time is about some little curiosities that I noted during my first 2 months here in Nepal, granted they may be obvious to some but they’re just some things I thought about and considered. The comments made are my own perceptions of this place I currently call home and I also wanted to note that my observations by no means reflect on Nepal on the whole, rather they are Kathmandu-specific. 


Aracy Selvakumar – Blog 1: Interview with Dave Fox 2016 CAPI IYIP Intern

Hi! This is my first CAPI IYIP blog post. The whole intern group is still in Victoria, B.C with our departure dates fast approaching! This is an introductory interview with fellow intern Dave Fox, who is headed to Philippines and will be working with MFA during his time there. We are all pretty excited to start our 6-month international adventures!

David Fox – Blog 1: Interview with CAPI Intern Aracy Selvakumar

A pre-departure interview with fellow CAPI intern Aracy Selvakumar about her upcoming placement.

David Fox – Blog 2: In Defence of the Barangay (GOV)

For my second blog, I’ve chosen to share a few thoughts on the Barangay system in the Philippines. 

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