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"Taiwo Afolabi"

Taiwo Afolabi – Blog 3: Performing the not-yet : creating meaningful dialogue in refugee advocacy through applied theatre

In this short writeup, I reflect on a workshop I designed and facilitated during one of the Centre for Global Studies’ Global Talks sessions at the University of Victoria. The interactive workshop centered on using applying theatre as a viable tool to perform the ‘not-yet’. I invited participants to brainstorm on issues that relate to refugees/internally displaced persons for collective action characterized by ‘educated hope’.

Taiwo Afolabi Blog II: My Poetic Inquiry

This is a reflective piece through poetry from my community of practice, research and personal thought process. Written in three short separate poems, I reflect on different social issues that have globla-local implications and it is inspired by stories from applied theatre projects that I have undertaken among senoirs, refugee youths, undocumented migrants, immigrant workers and displaced persons here in Victoria, Canada and elsewhere.

Taiwo Afolabi – Blog 1: Introductory Podcast

In this self-introductory podcast, Taiwo Afolabi, a QES scholar at the Centre for Asia-Pacific Initiatives (CAPI), University of Victoria, speaks on his research that he will be undertaking for the upcoming year.

Taiwo Afolabi – Blog 4: Notes from Socially-Engaged Art Projects

Socially-engaged art focuses on the society with the aim to maximing the power of arts for social change. In this reflection, I connect certain features inherent in community-based theatre initiatives with the purpose of situating these features in my community engagement projects.

Taiwo Afolabi – Blog 3: ‘Is Vulnerability an element of the art?’ An artist’s Inquiry

Please see attached a reflection on two elements essential to theatre and arts practice in community engagement.

Ben Lawrence – Podcast 1: Introductory Interview with Taiwo Afolabi

An introductory podcast in which fellow Incoming Commonwealth Scholar, Taiwo Afolabi, asks me about myself, what brought me to Victoria and what I hope to gain from the QES program.

Taiwo Afolabi

Taiwo Afolabi – Podcast 1: Self Introduction

Introductory podcast with fellow QES Scholar – Benjamin Lawrence. We discuss how my activities will hopefully contribute to the Queen Elizabeth II Scholarship program.

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