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Shanzeh Ameen – Blog 5: Nepal’s Free Visa Free Ticket Policy and Demonstrations 1-8 April

In this blog post, I discuss the Government of Nepal’s Free Visa Free Ticket Policy. The Government of Nepal introduced the policy effective from July 6, 2015 with the aim to mitigate the vulnerabilities related to high recruitment costs. In support of the policy and in hopes for strong implementation, Nepal’s National Network for Safe Migration (NNSM) demonstrated for a week in Kathmandu.

Shanzeh Ameen – Blog 4: POURAKHI Nepal’s Child Education Fund

In this blog, I delve into POURAKHI Nepal’s Child Education Fund-the program’s inception, current activities and future goals. I also briefly explore how women’s rights and children’s rights are inextricable. 

Shanzeh Ameen – Blog 3: Women Migrant Workers’ Remittances in Nepal: Impacts, Issues and Recommendations

This blog post explores the impact of the remittances sent by Nepali women migrant workers on the economy, quality of life and their unintended consequences, such as ‘social remittances’ and human costs. This blog also discusses how governments, the private sector and activists should recognize women migrant workers’ as agents in achieving the Millenium Development Goals (MDGs) and their contribution to poverty reduction.

Shanzeh Ameen – Blog 2: The Story of P.M. Tamang

One of my responsibilities at POURAKHI Nepal’s Safe House, a space for returnee female migrant workers not immediately able to rejoin their community, has been to assist in-house counsellor Jamuna Giri with case documentation. I came across P.M. Tamang’s story and it moved me. It prompted me to learn more about the Chepang People, the Nepali Civil War (1996-2006) and labour migration in the rural context and during times of conflict. 

Shanzeh Ameen – Blog 2: Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) at POURAKHI Nepal

My first blog post is on the use of Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) by Jamuna Giri, the in-house counsellor at the safe house run by POURAKHI Nepal for returnee women migrant workers. 

Chih Chen – Podcast 1: Interview with Shanzeh Ameen

Interview with fellow CAPI intern, Shanzeh Ameen, about her upcoming placement at Pourakhi in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Shanzeh Ameen – Podcast 1: Getting to Know Chih

In this first episode of my podcast series, I interview Chih in a discussion about her background, passion, interests, and her feelings regarding her upcoming CAPI placement. 

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