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April 2017

Luc Nadeau -1: Intro Podcast

My name is Luc, this is a super casual introduction about myself and some of my aspirations about my upcoming placement with MSRI in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

Marlin Beswetherick – Blog 1: Introduction Interview

My name is Marlin Beswetherick and this is my first Podcast! Rasheedah White is interviewing me abbout my upcoming internship with MSRI in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, what I’ll be doing there and what I am looking forward to most!


Seema Prasad – Blog 1: Introduction

This is my first podcast. Will Howling is interviewing me about my upcoming placement with MSRI in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We chat about the organization I will be working with, the work I will be doing, and what I am looking forward to most. 

Rasheedah White – Blog 1: Introduction

Hello, my name is Rasheedah White and I will be interning at CITYNET in Yokohama. In this podcast my fellow intern Marlin Beswetherick interviewed me about my background and the work I will be doing in my placement. 

Will Howling – Blog 1: About me and my upcoming placement

Welcome to my very first blog entry and podcast. I’m Will, and very shortly I will begin a 6.5 month internship in New Delhi, India with the Society for Participatory Research in Asia (PRIA). Have a listen; this is a short introduction to me and a little bit about what I’ll be doing while I’m there.

Duncan Chalmers – Blog 1: Reflections, Thoughts, and Pre-departure Dialogue

CAPI predepature interview, facilitated by Loreen Regnander. Introductory thoughts and reflections regarding my upcoming internship placement at the Karenni Social Development Centre, located along the Thai-Myanmar border. 

As the beginning of the Advanced Course at the KSDC draws near, the excitement grows. Last week, Matt, the current volunteer coordinator at the Centre, sent me the entire curriculum for the course, which looks both incredibly engaing and, overall, a ton of fun. I greatly look forward to my time spent with the students, teachers, and all the other members of the KSDC community.



Sasha Mosky – Blog 1: Introductions

My name is Sasha and I am a fourth year student at the University of Victoria. I am recording this podcast with Luc Nadeau, a fellow intern in preperation from my internship with PRIA in India. 

Loreen Regnander – Blog 1: Pre-departure Introduction, here’s to new beginnings!

Hello, and welcome to my blog! In this podcast, I describe my personal and academic background and interests, and ultimately what has led me to the CAPI internship program. I offer a broad overview of what my work and new journey with PRIA (Society for Participatory Research in India) will consist of, and what I am hoping to take away from this experience. Specifically, for my internship I will be going to Raipur and Sarguja, which are both located in the mid India region of Chhattisgarh. I will be working and researching the occupational health and safety issues among frontline health and sanitation workers in the Chhattisgarh region. My work will also include completing podcasts (like these) and keeping a blog, while also working on a final capstone project, which I am currently planning on producing a film, however have not narrowed down on a specific topic or research question as of yet. Please join me in this journey, and enjoy my personal insights along the way.

Tyler Blackman – Blog1: Thinking about ‘de-growth’ in Kerala, India

An introduction to Tyler’s academic background and Master’s research in Kerala, India. 

Alex Lloyd- Blog 1: Oh, the Places You’ll Go.

Hello fellow globetrotters!

My name is Alex Lloyd. I figure I will kick off my blog for CAPI and QES while I sit here in the Los Angeles Airport for the next couple of hours, before my final flight to Melbourne. 

I am a graduate student in the first year of my master’s in Anthropology. Currently, my thesis title is Overseas Female Indonesian Students & Sexuality: An Exploratory Case Study. I am looking to explore the ways sexual subjectivities are produced, maintained, and negotiated in the transnational context of overseas education in Australia. In particular, I am considering the impacts and negotiations of campus sexual culture, transnational cultural expectations, and the role of cross-border communications and social networks. 

I am using a feminist theoretical approach to look at female sexuality in a transnational context, considering the ways this overseas education may impact female sexuality, as conservative expectations from home (may) be disrupted by the migratory experience. I am also considering the myriad ways women explore and express their sexualities and how women’s agency manifests itself in these contexts. For example, veiling, in many contexts, can be a stunning example of women reclaiming the right to choose for their own bodies and express their faith and personhood. 

As a result, my research is taking me to Melbourne, Australia for the next three and a half months. While my research itself is meant to take place May-July, I am heading out early to participate in a conference called Multimedia, Mobility & the Digital Souteast Asian Family, where I will be presenting my work thus far. Yay!

Sitting in this airport now, I am overwhelmed by a mix of emotions from excitement to anxiety and everything in between. Though it is a whirlwind, I am looking forward to this incredible opportunity to be back in a city I love, integrating myself in the community and getting to know and celebrate an amazing group of women. 

Here’s to the next step in this wonderful, empowering, stressful, surprising, and perpetually entertaining journey of graduate school.


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